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restoring health naturally


Meet our Staff

Anita Brown is a Level II Certified Clinical Thermographer through the American College of Clinical Thermology and a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor through the American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board. She has directed Midwest Medical Thermography and Health Services since its inception in August 2016.

After learning about the benefits of medical thermography from a friend in 2015, Anita had her first full body scan.  The information provided in the scan report helped her in her own health journey. Now, she is happy to provide that same support to others in Southern Illinois and surrounding regions.

Our Thermographer

Midwest Medical Thermography

WE offer the best in physiological testing with Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) 

DITI is a totally non-invasive, painless imaging procedure that uses no radiation and no contact with the body. Using state of the art equipment, our certified clinical thermographer will record the thermal patterns of your body. Your thermal images are used by your healthcare practitioner to help diagnose and monitor pain and pathology in any part of your body. 

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We use state of the art software and FDA registered infrared technology that is designed specifically for medical application. Medical Thermography has been recognized worldwide

as an invaluable adjunctive diagnostic tool for

the past 30 years. Our thermographer is clinically certified through the American College of Clinical Thermology, and your results will be reviewed and interpreted by Board Certified Thermologists who are MDs or DOs.

Our exam and reporting procedures are fully HIPPA compliant. You will receive a copy of your report complete with full color thermographic images. The report includes the interpreting doctor’s objective opinion and recommendations as relevant. We strongly promote the involvement of your physician and other health care practitioners.


No referrals are needed for our services. You simply call and make an appointment at your convenience.

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