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Preparation for your scan is simple but crucial

to the accuracy of the results



To prepare for your scan, please take note of the following considerations:

  • No smoking for a minimum of two hours before appointment

  • No vigorous exercise two hours prior to appointment

  • No massage, chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy the day of the scan

  • Avoid the application of make up, liniments, creams or lotions, including perfume the day of the scan

  • Avoid strong sunlight the day of and sunburn in the days preceding your appointment

  • Remove all jewelry and earrings

  • Long hair should be worn up

  • It is very important to wear loose fitting clothing. The thermography scan will be delayed until irritation marks on the skin caused by tight fitting garments disappear

Please note that we are unable to perform a breast scan if you are pregnant or nursing, however we can perform a full body, half body or region of interest scan without the breast scan. 

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