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  • Anita Brown

Something as Simple as Medical Records

Years ago, when I started having chronic health problems, a wise friend told me to always request my medical records. It's such a simple step - you usually have to return to your doctor's office once they've notified you of test results and sign a release form - but it has a powerful impact on taking charge of your health. Why? Well, that phone call from the doctor's office when the nurse or administrator shares your results focuses only on the problems like high cholesterol or a suspicious scan finding. There's a wealth of information to be had by collecting and comparing test results over time and by reading all of the information the doctor or radiologist put into your records. There are also great resources, like the book Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis - Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective, that explain what all those numbers mean, what ideal ranges are and what to pay attention to when numbers are off. It's simple, the more knowledge you have, the more empowered you are. So, start gathering those records and keep them in a file. You won't regret taking the time to collect information about your own health!

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